Sunday, 6 November 2011

How To Get Your Own Reality Tv Show And Get Rich

Hi my name is Tonisha and I have previously worked as a successful model and have done campaigns and Ads for both TV and Print. My modelling experience exposed me to other opportunities that are out there in the beauty and media industry, and today I'm now in the process of starting Marketing company specialising in Event Management, marketing communications and public relations including celebrity management.
I often get asked by eager hopefuls on how they can go about getting in on this latest craze and getting their own reality TV shows. Even if you are not a fan of reality TV, one simply cannot ignore the impact they turn to have on these celebrities in terms opening doors in terms of their career ambitions.  And you too as an ordinary person you too can benefit from taking part in reality TV in terms of your careers ambitions and so much more regardless of the fact that you want to be an actress or not..Your chosen career must have some form of glamour in it , after all this is TV and no matter how real it is glamour is one of the things that pull us to take interest in reality TV ..”The Kadashians” is just one example of this.

 So now I’m going to give you my real and practical secrets that I've compiled on how you can get into reality TV. Whether you want just a bit of media coverage, to be seen a bit or a full on reality TV show, these tips when implemented correctly will be of great help in ensuring that you lend on a Reality TV show.

So now let’s get started. Here's my "How to list"

1. Always look up to date.
2-Have a personality, the Bigger the Better.

3-Have a burning ambition to make it Big and the Producers must see this
4-Have Mega sexy photographs professionally for your portfolio.
5- Create a website and Blog and update these regularly (don’t forget to add your Mega sexy pics on there). Use SEO (search engine optimisation) and Google ad words to promote your blog and website and regularly making comments on other people's blogs.
6-Sign up on all social media platforms available out there. Make lots of friends by being interesting (your blog and website can play a big role here). Make your intentions of becoming a reality TV star known.
7- have a group of interesting friends who also have a story to tell and have personalities. The 3 must have type of friends for any reality TV star
8- Join a talent agency. This will give you a great exposure in terms of how things work in the media world especially TV because you get a chance to do shoots for print and TV.
9- have a story to tell. For example : That you attempted suicide because of continuous failures in your life , or because of  or that u were an addict and attempted suicide and failed or  cause or allege a scandal with a high profile person for example says they promised you fame , money , a job but now you see it was all a lie as they only just wanted to get into your pants and they did and now have ditched you and left you pregnant and struggling to make it and pursue the career they promised you...blah blah .
10-Again, glamour is a big part of it so chose a business/career you want to be famous for or to be persuing in your reality show. But please let it be something that has a bit of glamour in it.
11-Have business card made with your picture on the cards together with links to your sites and contact info.
12- Attend media functions and make sure you social and exchange and collect business card
13-Create a YouTube channel and have someone follow you around with a camera in your daily’s and social scenes and edit (and upload this on to your YouTube channel, this will be your version of your reality show and you must promote your videos (see point 5 on how to do this). You can do this weekly.forward links to your channel and websites to different potential producers.
13--Get interviewed by your local media such as local magazines, newspapers and radio stations.
14--Position yourself as the “The Good Samaritan” literally have this name or something similar as your alia name doing something for the needy and homeless.
15- Get featured on another reality TV stars show. There are a few options here. You can either ask whoever’s in charge or you can just stalk the star and I’m talking intensive stalking to such a point whereby they take out a restraining order against you or u can start by stalking them from the word go. Then o to the papers to apologise o the star or ask to apologise on their show (hey, it’s more ratings for them).
16- Of cause will have to combine these elements in any sequesnce that works for your situation. Just to give you an example of how you can combine these e.g.: you were an addict and lost everything and got depressed then tried to commit suicide because you were depressed but failed and were still depressed, the stars show gave you hope and watching them brought you back to life again but then you ended up getting to obsessed and took it too far and now you are getting help, building your life and career back and trying not to fall back into old habits and it’s a daily struggle ( m m m, we don’t know what’s gonna happen, you might fall back into old habits) so this can be the angel for your show.
17-hope you will find this article enjoyable,useful and helpful. If you are really serious about this but still not able to put this to action and need a little help then please download my more detailed Free Report from my blog "How  To Get Your Own Reality Tv Show"

My report goes into detail about all these elaments .But whatever you doDon’t be so hungry for fame that you end up endangering your life. Good Luck and remember me when you at the top.